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                                                                About Us


Here is a little about us

We offer general engineering as well as hydraulics. Our biggest work source comes from the forklift industry. We have spares on services exchange for the major forklift companies (EG: Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc.) We repair and make up any parts for forklifts except engine building and repair. We offer services that include service exchange cyclinders for forklift industry, second hand spares, load back rests and we also cut down masks so it makes it easier to export

M.Riberio Hydraulics and Engineering has been in operation since 1995, although Mane Riberio has been involved in the industry since 1980.

Trading Hours:

Monday: 07H30 - 16H30

Tuesday: 07H30 - 16H30 

Wednesday: 07H30 - 16H30

Thursday: 07H30 - 16H30

Friday: 07H30 - 14H00



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